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Danny juljol  providing 6 room clean and quite nice garden homestay in Lakey, Lakey is a beach located in the Village Hu’u, Dompu regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Lakey beach is a beach that is very charming with its blue sea, the stones are solid black with an unusual size, white sand, and rocky hills around him.

Our Homestay is located in the heart of Lakey Peak. A short 100m stroll leads you straight to the world famous surf break Lakey Peak. 8 surf breaks are within a short ride of our Homestay. All rooms are air conned. Restaurants and warungs are within walking distance and a set breakfast is included in the tarif. Rooms have a water dispenser, power points and hot water. We have 6 seperate/private rooms. Rates (Prices IDR) 1 x person 200K p/n, 2 x persons 300K, 3 x persons 350K, PER NIGHT.

In addition to its natural beauty, this beach is very popular overseas, especially to surfers the world with the ferocity of the waves, so the March to August beaches filled with tourists who have a hobby sport challenging test of guts ferocity of surfing waves and wind surfing.

Lakey beach Hu’u District is one of the world’s best surfing locations. Lakey beach is surrounded by hills with a wave height of 3 to 10 meters. Because the severity and consistency of waves, each year Lakey beach regularly used as a host of world-class surfing competitions, On the beach is often in an international surfing competitions held. on the beach at Lakey never held an international surfing competition sponsored by Quick Silver and following a hundreds of participants from various countries such as Australia, Britain, the Netherlands, the United States, New Zealand and Canada.

Lakey beach – Hu’u located approximately 5 hours from the city of Sumbawa Besar and Dompu town takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to the south. Lakey beach-Hu’u greatness has 4 types of waves, namely: Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe and Periscop. And a few kilometers off the coast Lakey you’ll find another spot that is not less great, known as Periscop, the most consistent and powerful in the surf at Lakey Lakey Peak.

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